Daughter in law was acting meanly towards the mother in law, So the old woman decided to teach her a lesson

After Lucy’s husband Ron passed away, she moved in with her son and daughter-in-law because she didn’t want to live alone. She planned to stay with them until she felt ready to be on her own. Lucy gave the rent from her house to her son Connor as a way of thanking him. Since Connor worked long hours as an IT technician, Lucy, along with her daughter-in-law Eve, stayed at home. Connor suggested Lucy stay on the first floor to make it easier for her knees, carrying her luggage as he said, “So, you don’t have to worry about the stairs. ”Initially, everything was awesome. Eve was really kind to Lucy, doing things like cooking and cleaning without letting Lucy help. Lucy used to assist with all the housework, but eventually, she started doing everything alone because her knees were tired. A few days before Christmas, Eve called her mother-in-law, Lucy, while watching TV. “Eve said, ‘Lucy, when you’re done with the laundry, can you go get groceries for tonight’s dinner and Christmas dinner? Nine people are coming. I’ll give you the money before you go.’

Lucy was surprised because they usually shopped together, but this time, it was more of a command than a request. ”Lucy figured out that the more time she spent in their house, the more she became her daughter-in-law’s maid instead of a guest. Even though she wasn’t a guest anymore. She decided to teach Eve a lesson before leaving. Coming from a big family, Lucy knew how to cook and prepare for a crowd. On Christmas day, the house was filled with the wonderful smells of the food Lucy had made. As the guests arrived, they gathered at the dinner table. One of her son’s friends, Ross, exclaimed, “Aunt Lucy, this food is fantastic! Did you make it all by yourself? ”With a smile, Lucy replied, “Yes, Ross. ”Seeing her son Connor proud of her brought Lucy joy, but she also felt a bit sad as this was the first Christmas without her husband, Ron. “Eve,” said Lucy, “I didn’t think you’d make so many tasty things! “Thanks, Eve,” Lucy replied, secretly having a plan in mind to teach Eve a lesson. After dinner, Eve and Lucy cleaned the table, and Connor entertained the guests in the living room. When Lucy glanced at Eve, she noticed an envious expression on her face. Eve felt jealous due to the compliments and people enjoying Lucy’s food. Later, Eve asked, “Lucy, can we talk? “Okay,” Lucy replied. “What’s bothering you, dear? “I didn’t realize how much work you do at home. I wanted to relax, so I added more to your responsibilities. I’m really sorry,” Eve admitted. Lucy smiled, realizing that Eve learned her lesson. “That’s perfectly okay,” Lucy began, “I just want you to understand that even though I’d love to help, I’m getting old, and my knees aren’t as strong. “We make a great team,” Eve responded. “Come on, let’s go relax. I’ll make you a cup of tea. ”What’s your opinion? Share with us.